Novalash Eye Lash Extensions

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Why Novalash?

I for one will only use the best of the best products for safety of my clients and myself. Nova lash uses medical grade adhesives. Novalash purifies its adhesives with no exposure to contaminants and do not contain any detectable formaldehyde as manufactured and delivered in the bottle and is confirmed by testing under EPA. Novalash cosmetics are all scientifically formulated, ophthalmologist tested, and glycol and carbonate-free with many enhanced with natural plant extracts, peptides and multi-vitamins to promote healthier natural lashes. Cyanoacrylate adhesives used are just like in the medical industry for things like liquid stitches. Eyelash extensions are every client. There are about 4 different lengths, 4 different widths and 3 different types of curl to achieve the best natural look to the most glamorous dramatic look. It’s not a one size fits all. I usually do a minimum of 3 different types of lashes each

Are Eyelash extensions safe?

Yes, absolutely when using the Novalash brand. It’s very common clients will be in fear that their natural lashes will be damaged or fall out. There is a natural growth cycle about every 4-8 weeks naturally. Just like the hair on our head we naturally shed lashes. Since the eyelashes are attached to each individual lash it is painless, comfortable and feel natural as if it was your own lashes. If you are getting lashes that are not attached to each individual lash it would be very uncomfortable as the lashes start to grow away from the root and want to naturally separate. Anything that will damage your natural lashes will damage the extensions and your own. Such as picking, pulling, excessive rubbing and washing.

How long do they last?

They last generally anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on how well you are taking care of them. There is maintenance recommended for anywhere between 2-5 weeks. I like to let the client decide what they are comfortable with for touch up maintenance. Once you get used to wearing them you usually can extend your touch ups further out to more like every 4-5 weeks. I would say that is the majority of the clientele.

Why choose me?

I have been individually gone through a training program through Novalash. If you are not trained and certified by them I would not be able to order the high demand and quality product that others can’t. I also did a minimum of 50 clients before taking a paying client to assure my skill level was up to par to the competition.

Can I exercise, swim and shower?

Yes. After the mandatory 24 hours after any full set or touch up moisture is allowed. This is because the adhesive takes a full 24 hours to set. After that you can go about your usual life style. That’s why it’s especially great during warmer months of the year because you won’t have to wear make-up to the pool, beach, or worry about sweating it off at the gym or out and about.

How To: Care for my lashes?

  • No moisture of any kind for 24 hrs (shower, steam, sweat and etc.)
  • No oil based mascara’s, facial products, or make-up remover
  • Do not pick, pull or roll lashes
  • Do not use eyelash curler. They extensions keep your curl so using a lash curler is not necessary.

How do you remove eyelash extensions?

It is most definitely recommended to have an eyelash extension artist remove them. This is probably the most common way that gives the bad name of eyelash extensions the reputation of them being damaging. The specialized remover designed to break down the adhesive make it virtually painless and not much time at all. Depending on how many lashes you have left it takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Clients that leave them alone till all the extensions fall off will sometimes still leave a glue residue on your own lash that it will be more difficult to put mascara on or make them clump more.