Great Lengths Hair Extensions

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Why Great Lengths Hair Extensions?

Great Lengths hair extensions are one of the leading companies in hair extensions. Other brands I have worked with are not comparable. This is because no other brand offers the patents and unique processing like they do, and below are the following reasons why:

Is Great Lengths Hair Extensions 100% Human Hair?

Yes, it’s natural textured Indian hair that has never been chemically treated. Some brands say or tell you that is 100% human hair and well sad to say it’s not always true. Just like in produce if there is a very small percent of it being “organic” then they can claim it to be organic. It’s the same with hair extensions. Most companies will blend with synthetic or other types of human hair. Which is why other brands don’t feel or last as long as Great Lengths. “The Hair Source: 100% of the hair sourced for Great Lengths is from the Temples of India. This is the finest source of virgin hair available in the marketplace that is most compatible with Caucasian and European hair textures.” –Great Lengths USA

Is Great Lengths Extensions Color treated?

No, there are no harsh ingredients stripping or coloring to achieve the colors. Great Lengths invented the progressive heat transfer concept on hair extensions. It’s the same heat transfer system used on cashmere. Just like there isn’t red, blue, or range of sheep to make a colored cashmere sweater. How they process there hair is the exact reason why cashmere is so soft and high quality. This is also why Great Lengths Hair Extensions makes other brands untouchable when you are comparing it’s health, softness, durability, and virtually seamless between your own hair and the extensions.

Are Great Lengths just for adding length?

No. The Options are almost endless with different techniques and color offered. • You can add just for volume if your hair is thin or just want to add fullness • Create or correct/repair hair cut • Chemical free highlights • Chemical free highlights • Cover scars or alopecia • Wanting more hair after pregnancy or menopause fall out • Want your hair to hold curl

Why is the cost of Great Lengths more expensive then other brands?

Great Lengths has a higher price point because the quality of the hair and the unique processing it goes through. Another added bonus is no annoying maintenance! You can wear Great Lengths hair extensions for up to 4-6 months. No added salon visits. Just application, removal or ready or place a new order. Most of the time the price point averages to be exactly the same or more then the lower quality because you have to replace more frequently or maintenance cost in between added on top of the initial application.

How is Great Lengths differing from other Keratin tipped extensions?

There is a keratin tip on each strand of hair. Keratin protein is what our human hair is made out of. Great lengths were able to mimic the same keratin protein synthetically. When hair is why it expands and when it dries it goes back down to its natural state. Since the keratin tip is mimicked like our hair the keratin bond will also expand and contract with moisture so it does not damage your hair as well as keeping the bond durable. Great Lengths bonds are also designed with stand the exposure we put our hair through: heat, water, sunlight, and chemicals.

Are Great Lengths Extensions Damaging?

First off, glues, waxes, silicones, and other adhesives are not compatible with the structure of human hair. That is why they are damaging. All Great Lengths Certified technicians have to go through a 3-day class like myself to make sure a full head of extensions have been properly applied. Great Lengths are not damaging because of the patented polymer that mimics what our hair is made out of. As well as attaching a custom sized bond to match the your hairs density. A lot of other methods attach way to much hair to the extension, which makes them not last and fall out. Or too little, which results in damage and breakage due to tension and weight.

How do I take care of Great Lengths Extensions?

In my consultation and the day of application I explain in detail the maintenance. It’s very easy and simple. I also give you a do’s and don’t list to take home with you. • You will need to brush your hair 2-3 times a day with an extension brush. • Use a shampoo sulfate free shampoo • Do not sleep with your hair wet • Preferable to sleep with your hair in a low ponytail or loose braid. • Spray anti-tap on bonds after showering (provided free of charge upon application)